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Steam trap -- a little guardian that relieves pressure

 Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Today Longcheng Valve introduces to you the steam trap. This little thing is an important part of the steam system!

First, we need to know what a steam trap is. Just like humans have sweat glands to evacuate sweat, steam systems also produce water vapor due to internal pressure, and steam traps are devices used to remove this water vapor. It can control the flow of water in the steam system, prevent water from entering the equipment and pipes, and maintain the normal operation of the system.

So, how do steam traps work? We can compare it to a small guardian that senses steam and condensate in the steam system and automatically turns on or off according to changes in temperature and pressure. When a large amount of condensed water is generated in the steam system, the steam trap will quickly open to release the condensed water and maintain the balance of the system. When the condensed water disappears, the trap will automatically close and no longer discharge water, ensuring efficient and stable operation of the steam system.

In addition to relieving pressure, steam traps have other functions. It prevents water hammer in steam systems, which is vibration and noise caused by sudden movements of condensate water. The steam trap avoids water hammer and protects the safety and stability of the system by discharging condensate water in a timely manner.

Therefore, although the steam trap is small, it plays an important role. It is the little guardian in the steam system, which can effectively control the flow of water and the balance of pressure to ensure the normal operation of the system. Without it, the steam system is like a dish without condiments, lacking balance and stability. Let's give thanks for this humble but important little device!

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