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Steam trap -- enjoy a safe and stable steam world

 Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Today, the theme brought to you by Longcheng Valve is steam trap. I believe everyone is familiar with this term. You may ask, what is so magical about steam traps?

The steam trap is actually a "mainstay" in the steam system. It is responsible for the discharge of water in the steam pipeline and ensures the safe and stable operation of the system. We can compare the steam trap to a responsible "water brother". It always pays attention to the accumulation of moisture in the system. Once an abnormality is detected, it will quickly intervene to drain the moisture so that the system can continue to work comfortably.

The working principle of the steam trap is actually very simple, a bit like the automatic drain valve we usually use. When the moisture in the steam system increases, for example, due to condensation of steam, the steam trap will automatically open the water drain and discharge the water like a "hand-handler". Once the moisture is removed, it will automatically shut down again to maintain the balance of the system.

Steam traps are not just for drainage, they can also prevent water hammer from occurring. Water hammer refers to when the water flow in the steam system suddenly stops or changes, it will cause the impact of the liquid, produce a huge energy release, and cause serious damage to the system. The steam trap avoids the occurrence of water hammer by controlling the balance of water flow and ensures the safe and reliable operation of the steam system.

Therefore, the steam trap can be described as the "safety guard" in the steam system, which can not only ensure the discharge of water, but also avoid the occurrence of water hammer. It is like a "superhero", silently creating a safe, stable, and comfortable steam world for us!

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